A bill introduced in the Nebraska Legislature would stall clean energy in Nebraska – we need your help make sure it doesn’t pass. Sign the petition telling Nebraska’s State Senators to vote against LB373. 

LB373 would impose some of the most severe state restrictions on wind energy in the country.

The bill would require wind turbines to be sited 3 miles (15,840 feet) away from any residential dwelling that doesn’t approve of the project if no local zoning regulations are in place. To put this in perspective, in 2014 the state of Ohio put in place a property line setback of 1,125 feet, which is currently one of the largest setbacks in the country. For four years, Ohio didn’t see a single new wind project, and in November 2018 farmers sued the state over the regulation. If LB373 is passed, our regulations on wind energy would be even more severe.

Help us defend clean energy in Nebraska. Sign the petition today to oppose LB 373.

LB373 also requires counties to establish zoning regulations on wind energy, and has some strings attached on what those regulations need to look like. For example, LB373 mandates that the setback cannot be based on the height of the turbine, which is the overarching standard for setback regulations across the United States. LB373 is unduly restrictive and arbitrary, and specifically targets clean energy, an industry that is beneficial to Nebraskans.

Nebraska ranks third in the country for wind energy potential, and 13th for solar, yet we fall far behind in how much we actually produce. This has started to change as clean energy has seen significant expansion in the last two years due to legislation passed in 2016 that lifted major barriers to wind energy. In just the two years since these restrictions were lifted, wind energy has already added hundreds of jobs, attracted new companies to our state that value sustainability, and is fueling our transition to a better energy future. Clean energy is good for our health, our environment, and our economy. Our State Senators should make it easier for Nebraskans to access clean energy, instead of putting up barriers that would stop it in its tracks.

Sign the petition today to show your support for clean energy in Nebraska. 

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