LINCOLN, NE ––– The Nebraska League of Conservation Voters (NLCV) supports conservation champions who will protect Nebraska’s natural resources for future generations. NLCV conducted written surveys completed by candidates for the Nebraska State Legislature, prioritizing air and water quality, reliable and renewable energy, land stewardship, sustainable communities, and good government. This year, NLCV endorsed candidates across the political spectrum who have demonstrated their commitment to defending our natural resources.

I am honored to receive the support of the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters. Nebraska’s land, water and climate are among our most important assets. As Nebraskans, we recognize our moral obligation to leave them to the next generation as least as well as we receive them. The League is one of Nebraska’s foremost organizations working to fulfill that obligation and I deeply appreciate its support,” said Chuck Hassebrook, recipient of NLCV’s endorsement in Legislative District 16.

“I’m grateful and honored to receive the endorsement of NLCV. The environment needs to be priority one for all of us moving forward. But we must realize that this isn’t a bad thing.  When we focus on renewables for example, we strengthen our economy, attract investment, bring jobs and don’t pollute our air and water,” said John McCollister, recipient of NLCV’s endorsement in Legislative District 20. “If reelected, I’m excited to continue on this path.”

In Legislative District 30, NLCV endorsed Don Schuller. “I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters. Throughout my 30 year career with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and my continued work in conservation with my business, Schuller Conservation, I take great pride in having surveyed and designed conservation practices on many thousands of acres of ag land,  preventing soil erosion and keeping our water clean. NLCV works to ensure that our natural resources are protected, and I look forward to working with them to promote sound conservation policies in our state. Our children’s future depends on it. I am pleased to have the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters support my campaign for the Nebraska Legislature.”

In Legislative District 42, NLCV endorsed Judy Pederson. “I am honored to have the endorsement of Nebraska’s League of Conservation Voters. As a state senator representing Lincoln County, I will continue to fight for the same thing I fought for throughout my career as a community leader in North Platte; a brighter future for our kids and grandkids. I look forward to working together to make Nebraska and Lincoln County an even better place for future generations.”

NLCV made the following additional endorsements:

LD 2: Susan Lorence

LD 12: Steve Lathrop

LD 14: Jeff Parris

NLCV educates voters, advocates for sound conservation policies, and works to elect conservation champions across the political spectrum. More information can be found at

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