Volunteer With Us

Join us as we work to elect conservation champions in the 2017 Omaha and Lincoln city elections. This spring, we will hold phone banks, go door-to-door, and host events that educate voters about important conservation issues. We will need the support of people like you. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact us here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Tz69RIwQ60nJ267EEgEgAhgcPQdSuuoUbvyxhWylgwU/viewform

Fossil fuel companies and other corporate interests that stand to profit from the pollution of the environment are consistently among the biggest spenders on Capitol Hill and in elections. At the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters, our mission is to build political power for the protection of our land, air, and water. To that end, we work to register voters and increase turnout on election-day. Only through voter education and voter participation will we ensure our elected officials are committed to protecting our natural resources for future generations. Through building a wide base of support and with the help of volunteers like you, we will be successful in electing Conservation Champions and passing laws that protect our environment.