Sign the Petition to Create a State Climate Plan

We have the opportunity to pass climate change legislation in the Nebraska Unicameral, but we need your help (Sign the petition near the bottom of the page).

There are two pieces of legislation currently sitting in the Executive Board of the Nebraska State Legislature that would require the state to develop a climate action plan. 

Details about the Legislation:

LB646 was introduced by Senator Patty Pansing Brooks. Her bill specifically mentions the UNL Climate Change study completed in 2014, and details a public input process and participation of our state’s higher education institutions. LB646 outlines a framework for the plan within the bill, noting the sectors examined in UNL’s climate change report (agriculture, water, energy, etc.) are what need to be addressed by a state climate plan.

LR46 was introduced by Senator Tyson Larson. His legislation focuses on utilizing the report produced by LR455 (Senator Haar’s resolution that created a climate change task force last year) as the framework for a state climate action plan. The report produced by LR455 recommended creating a state climate plan committee, and that is what this resolution does. The framework provided by LR455 is also based on the UNL Climate Change report produced in 2014.

Both pieces of legislation would construct a task force or special committee to develop the state climate action plan that consists of the chairperson of the Natural Resources Committee of the Legislature, the Chairperson of the Appropriations Committee of the Legislature, and five additional members of the Legislature appointed by the Executive Board of the Legislative Council.


LB646 is currently stalled on a 4-4 vote. In order to pass out of committee, Senator Scheer needs to vote YES on LB646.

LR46 has had its hearing, but has not yet been voted on by the Executive Board.

Action Steps:

Join our letter-writing campaign, directed at the Executive Board, to get a climate action plan passed this year. Sign your name to the letter below: