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We know that the Good Life in Nebraska is all about the great outdoors and we want leaders who make the right choices so that our children and grandchildren can inherit the same rich and healthy environment we enjoy today.

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POSTED: September 01 2010

101st Legislative Session Scorecard

Holding your legislators accountable by providing non-partisan, objective information regarding your state senator's voting records.

POSTED: May 12 2009

Watch: Is Clean Energy Reliable? - Public Lecture

If I flip the light switch, I expect the lights to go on… can renewable energy do that? Energy expert, Bob Zavadil explains why wind energy is a dependable energy source.

POSTED: April 18 2009

Watch Pathway to Prosperity

Nebraska’s clean energy future will be shaped by public policy – so how do we make sure that policy leads to prosperity for Nebraskans?

POSTED: April 08 2009

Watch lecture from Wind Energy Expert Dan Juhl

In March Dan Juhl, CEO of Juhl Wind Inc., discussed the economic benefits of Community-Based Energy Development.

POSTED: March 13 2009

Watch Grid 101: Transmission and Nebraska's Energy Future

In February,Bruce Rew, V.P. of Engineering at Southwest Power Pool spoke at the University of Nebraska explaining the basics of electrical transmission and what plans exist for Nebraska.

POSTED: September 24 2008

Green Driving

Learn how to save on gas mileage without buying a new hybrid. George Witt of George Witt Service, a auto repair shop specializing in Hondas and Toyotas, has learned how to increase gas mileage on his car by more than 35% just by altering his driving habits.

POSTED: September 02 2008

Recycle Your CFLs

Did you know that CFLs can be recycled locally? Funded by a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust, WasteCap Nebraska will offer CFL recycling at several Ace Hardware locations in Lincoln and other communities in Nebraska.

POSTED: August 31 2008

Nebraska League of Conservation Voters Endorses Nine for Legislature in November

The Nebraska League of Conservation Voters has released its endorsements of candidates for the coming fall election. "A major problem for many conservation-minded voters is finding an unbiased source of information about the candidates on the ballot. We are pleased to be able to help fill that void for the first time in Nebraska this year, " said Dale Gubbels, president of the League.

POSTED: August 31 2008

Invasive Species becoming Challenge of the Future

The spread of invasive plants, animals and pathogens is considered one of the most serious ecological problems facing our nation in the 21st century, second only to habitat destruction. These species include plants, animals, and microbes that have been introduced into an environment where they did not evolve and often have no natural enemies to limit their reproduction and spread--frequently at the expense of native plants and animals and, sometimes, of entire ecosystems.

POSTED: August 31 2008

Nebraska Organizations

There are many ways to become involved in conservation in Nebraska, and many organizations working to protect the Good Life for future generations. Here are links to a few of these:

Why Conservation?

All Nebraskans have a story about the Good Life in the great outdoors.

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The Conservation Agenda

It's a new day for conservation in Nebraska. This important agenda highlights the five issues which are critical to the future of a strong and healthy enviroment.

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    The Nebraska League of Conservation Voters offers many opportunities to help shape Nebraska's natural resources laws.
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