NLCV Internship Program - Now Accepting Applicants

NLCV's Internships

Our internship program provides a hands-on opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of the field of non-profit management, environmental protection, and Nebraska politics. Interns will learn how to build power through organizing people and gain exposure to the inner-workings of policy development and political engagement.

The Nebraska League of Conservation Voters is a relatively new organization with a small staff. Therefore, interns will play an integral role in its growth and will be considered part of the team. Upon completion of your internship, you will be able to say that you played an important role in building an organization that will make Nebraska a better place.

Interns are selected on the basis of their interests and qualifications. We especially seek interns who have good communication and writing skills and who learn quickly.

Applicants for NLCV’s internships should possess:

  • Strong writing skills and attention to detail
  • A self-starter attitude
  • The desire to learn more about conservation and environmental issues
  • The desire to learn more about strategies and goals of electoral and advocacy work

Term: Minimum internship duration is one semester. 
Hours: Minimum 15 hours per week

Pay: NLCV’s internship offer a stipend, and you may be able to get college credit

Interns will gain significant experience in the following areas:

Research and Communications

Interns will gain experience in effective communications strategies of advocacy nonprofits, including digital strategies such as action emails and online fundraising. An intern may be expected to conduct research, gather and analyze information, help develop background information on a specific issue, write summaries and fact sheets, and prepare briefing materials, among many other tasks. Interns will gain experience in condensing information into easily understandable, concise writing for the general public. The following are some responsibilities of the research and communications intern:

  • Compile updates on important news concerning the environment and conservation of natural resources (these updates will be published on the NLCV website)
  • Write an article every other week that will be published on the NLCV website
  • Assist in researching effective state policies that promote conservation
  • Assist in digital strategies (online organizing) such as email writing and posting to the NLCV twitter and facebook pages
  • Assist with donor and foundation research and database management
  • Support general services within the office



Interns will gain experience in grassroots organizing, and will work directly with people on a regular basis. NLCV’s effectiveness is grounded in membership and our ability to organize people into action. Interns will gain experience in the nuts and bolts of what it takes to organize people into a larger movement. The following are some responsibilities of the organizing intern:

  • Assist in large-event planning as well as smaller community events, which are primarily for the purpose of increasing our membership  
  • Recruit volunteers who will help us with outreach
  • Organize canvasses (both phone and door to door)
  • Assist in developing strategy and theories of change
  • Support general services within the office


To apply: Please send your résumé and a brief (1-2 page) writing sample to Chelsea Johnson at

Please designate whether you are applying for a summer internship or a fall semester internship

Applications accepted until May 15