Headlines: Bill Introduced to Crack Down on Illegal Wildlife Trafficking, New Congressional Leadership Gets to Work on Energy and Environment Policy Priorities for the Next Two Years, Pipeline Spill Threatens Downstream Water Users, U.S. Senate Denies Humans Cause Climate Change, Dams Reshape the World's Rivers

Headlines: 2014 on Track to Becoming One of Hottest on Record, Warm Water Melting Antarctica’s Ice Shelves Faster than Predicted, Surveys Find Less Marine Microplastic than Expected, Lincoln Electric System Announces Major Renewable Energy Purchase, Gorgeous Photos of a Backyard Wilderness Worth Saving

Headlines: Conservation Victories in the Midterm Elections, Conservation Pays Off: U.S. Water Usage Lowest in Decades, Every Branch of the United States Military is Worried About Climate Change, Major Companies See Renewable Energy as a Good Investment, Ending the Long Delay in Pollution Controls on Ozone