The Nebraska League of Conservation Voters (NLCV) works to build a conservation movement that transcends ideological and political boundaries, and that is led by a broad coalition of Nebraskans who aim to protect our natural resources and ensure that we have a just, secure, and prosperous future. Working as a non-profit, non-partisan organization, NLCV turns conservation values into political priorities.

Politicization of our environment is threatening our way of life and the stability of our planet’s most important systems. While our window of time to act on climate is closing, we have a Congress that is deeply divided along party lines regarding whether climate change is real. All signs point to an administration that is dedicated to rolling back environmental protections that ensure Americans have clean air and clean water. This partisanship in the upper echelons of government makes it more important than ever to act on climate and implement policies that protect our environment at the local level.  Ultimately, if we are to succeed in protecting our environment for future generations, we must depoliticize the issue at the local level, and ensure that a majority of the public, regardless of party affiliation, supports policies that prepare us for climate change, protect habitat and wildlife, and ensure clean air and clean water. 

Our vision is to ensure that our environment is protected regardless of which political party is in power.