Lincoln City Elections Endorsements - 2015

Lincoln, NE – March 23, 2015: The Nebraska League of Conservation Voters (NLCV) announced today its endorsements for Mayor and City Council District 1, the only two races in this year’s city elections in which not all candidates will make it through the primary on April 7.
For City Council District 1, NLCV has endorsed Meg Mikolajczyk. For Mayor, the organization endorsed incumbent Chris Beutler. NLCV’s mission is to turn conservation values into political priorities, and ensure that our land, air, and water are protected for future generations. To achieve that end, NLCV works to elect candidates who will champion conservation policies while in office.
“Both candidates are true stewards of our state’s remarkable natural landscapes, and we can trust they will continue to protect our land and water if elected this spring,” said NLCV Board President Dale Gubbels.
“As Mayor, Chris Beutler has implemented strong conservation policies.  We want to see the leadership Mayor Beutler has shown on energy efficiency, green infrastructure, and renewable energy continue, and are pleased to endorse him for another term,” said Eliot Bostar, NLCV’s Executive Director.
Upon notification of his receiving NLCV’s endorsement, Mayor Beutler said, “In the next few years, I see our city doing even more to use clean renewable energy, greatly increase our recycling, and develop even more transit options.  This will demand continuing collaboration and involvement from all sectors, but Lincoln has shown it can do it. Thank you for the endorsement of the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters."
“Meg has built a reputation as a strong defender of Nebraska’s natural resources, and an ally in protecting our environment,” said President of the Board, Dale Gubbels. “NLCV is pleased to endorse Meg Mikolajczyk for City Council.”
"I'm honored to receive the endorsement of the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters," said Meg. "Through their legislative and grassroots efforts, NLCV works to ensure that our state’s natural resources are protected. I look forward to working with them to promote sound conservation policies like increasing the use of renewable energy and addressing climate change. Our children’s future depends on it, and I am pleased to have the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters support our campaign for City Council."