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We know that the Good Life in Nebraska is all about the great outdoors and we want leaders who make the right choices so that our children and grandchildren can inherit the same rich and healthy environment we enjoy today.

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To me this is Nebraska

this and the thousands of things that
come suddenly to mind when I am far

A recollection of a slow, golden autumn
hanging along the breaks of the

The dark velvet of spring plowing seen
through the haze of evening with wild
geese honking overhead...

The cedars of the high plains standing
dark against a thundercloud...
The tall white tower of our capitol
reaching into the mists of the night...

In their keeping lies the heritage of the
vision followed by their fathers the
wide-world across, a vision of a land
free from intolerance-and oppression 
and want.

Guard this heritage well.
-Mari Sandoz


The Nebraska League of Conservation Voters believes that to truly protect Nebraska's natural legacy, we can't afford to ignore politics.  "The good life..." for future generations depends on the action we take today as engaged citizens.  


Acting as a non-profit, non-partisan organization, the NLCV will promote environmental stewardship across Nebraska.  The NLCV will educate citizens regarding renewable energy solutions as well as land and resource conservation initiatives across Nebraska.  The NLCV will help elect pro-conservation candidates, and hold these elected officials accountable. The NLCV will work to pass laws that protect Nebraska's land, resources, and wildlife.  The Nebraska League of Conservation Voters will turn environmental values into public policy so that we can ensure the integrity, stability and beauty of Nebraska lands for generations to come.


Nebraskans are a people deeply attached to the land. We come from all walks of life: rural, suburban & urban; Republican, Democrat & Independent. We care about clean and abundant water, fresh air and wide open spaces. We know that "The Good Life" in Nebraska is all about the great outdoors — and we want leaders who make the right choices so that our children and grandchildren can inherit the same rich and healthy environment we enjoy today.

Our natural resources are the basis for our economy and recreation. Our history is rooted in the prairies and the fields of grain. We believe the greatest gift we will leave our children is our fresh air,  clean water, and fertile soils.

We see a future for Nebraska where our communities hum with the power of clean, renewable energy; where water sustains our agriculture and wildlife through prudent and thrifty planning;  where children can drink from the tap in every town without risk; where landfills are virtually a thing of the past and where all Nebraskans have access to the land's wide open spaces for sport and recreation.

We see a state working hand in hand with citizens to plan for this future, to guarantee this legacy for our children and grandchildren.  


The Nebraska League of Conservation Voters was created in 2002 by volunteers to work for the passage of laws that would protect wildlife, water quality, clean air and promote recycling. In 2006, we published our first voter guides, and opened our office in 2007.

The NLCV works at the state, county and local levels across Nebraska. The Nebraska League is a member of a federation of state organizations, coordinated through the National League of Conservation Voters. We are guided by a board of directors who all reside in the state, and our legislative policy is decided by Nebraskans working for Nebraska interests.

Our Staff

Cara Brenner, Executive Director

Cara Brenner was born and raised in Lincoln, NE.  After graduating from Lincoln Southeast High School in 2001, she attended Texas Christian University where she graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Philosophy in 2005.  Cara then pursued a Master’s of Arts in Environmental Ethics/Environmental Philosophy at the University of North Texas, and graduated in 2007. Cara gained valuable experience by working in both the Community Development and Media Relations departments for the Texas Rangers Baseball Club, as well as during her two years as a Division I Collegiate Diving Coach and Philosophy Department Teaching Fellow at North Texas.  After returning to Nebraska in 2007, Cara pursued a career in financial management, only to realize that her heart lay elsewhere: in the great outdoors and environmental philosophy, which lead her to the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters.

Johnathan Hladik, Policy Advocate and Assistant to the Executive Director

Johnathan Hladik is a native Nebraskan, spending most of his life on a small farm in Southwestern Saunders County. Johnathan began his academic career at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources. After college he attended Vermont Law School, where he earned his Master’s in Environmental Policy as well as his Juris Doctorate with an emphasis on environmental law.  Johnathan has spent time as a research associate at the Environmental Law and Policy Center, the Land Use Institute, and the Institute for Energy and the Environment at Vermont Law School. It is there where he developed a thorough understanding of the legal and policy implications facing environmental issues on a national and global scale. Johnathan brings this knowledge and experience to the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters, where we're working to protect the Good Life for generations to come.

Board of Directors 

Dale Gubbels, President of the Board

Mr. Gubbels has devoted his professional career to recycling, beginning in the early 1980's with the Nebraska State Recycling Association. He served on the National Recycling Coalition board for ten years, serving two terms as its president. Gubbels is now CEO and Chairman of Firstar Fiber, Inc., a commercial recycling operation in its 10th year in Omaha. Dale and his wife Mary are graduates of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and reside in Papillion. 

Duane Hovorka, Vice-President/Secretary

Duane Hovorka is a lifelong Nebraskan, living on a small farm near Murdock with his wife and sons. Hovorka earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science, with minors in history and business administration. He served as a legislative aide in the Nebraska Unicameral, and then spent 12 years at Union Pacific Railroad as a public policy analyst. He is currently a consultant to the National Wildlife Federation, and a member of the Governance Committee of the Platte River Cooperative Agreement. 

Wes Sheets, Treasurer

Wes Sheets is a founding member of the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters. He grew up on a farm in Kansas. After studying at Kansas State, he came to Nebraska for a career in natural resource management as a Fisheries Scientist working for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Sheets rose to Assistant Director for Wildlife of the Commission before retiring. He is active in many wildlife organizations serving in various capacities such as the national board of directors for the Izaak Walton League. His primary interests are the future of our renewable natural resources and education of succeeding generations.    

Mike Ayars

R. Michael Ayars is the President of Ayars & Ayars, Inc. in Lincoln, NE.  Mike is a graduate from Lincoln Northeast High School and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  As President of Ayars & Ayars, Inc., Mike is responsible for the oversight of the operations of the firm and it's subsidiaries with special emphasis on pre-construction services, sales, marketing and project team development.  Ayars & Ayars, Inc. is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and boasts ten LEED accredited professionals, combining their knowledge with the firm's focus on design-build project delivery affirms Mike's commitment to providing ecologically sound and economically viable building solutions.

Marian Langan

Johnathan Hladik

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