Nebraska Conservation Education Fund 


Who We Are

NCEF is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to increase public education and engagement in conservation issues. NCEF is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, charitable organization under the rules of the Internal Revenue Service.


What We Do

NCEF educates the public, media and elected officials about important conservation issues, works to increase public participation in the democratic process and mobilizes a diverse network of people to engage in public policy. NCEF promotes a healthy political system by bringing together people who have diverse political views, but for whom conservation is a uniting force. NCEF prioritizes water quality, reliable and renewable energy, land stewardship, sustainable communities and good government.


How We Do It

Public education:

NCEF provides research and updates of current events that affect conservation in Nebraska. NCEF collaborates with partner organizations to coordinate educational events on issues that impact our main priorities. We educate the public about Nebraska’s system of government, focusing especially on the nonpartisan legislature and our state’s system of public power districts and natural resource districts.

Informing policy makers:

NCEF serves as a resource for policy makers, providing information and research about conservation issues and policies. We organize workshops and educational forums that feature conservation experts and policy best practices.

Increasing public participation in the democratic process:

We are dedicated to maximizing the participation of conservation-minded people in the democratic process. NCEF coordinates an aggressive non-partisan get out the vote effort that delivers a message on the importance of voting down the entire ballot. To further engage the public, we coordinate non-partisan issue and civic engagement campaigns. NCEF holds civic engagement workshops that empower attendees to communicate effectively with their elected officials and organize others around conservation issues.


NCEF Board of Directors

Brian O’Neal

Chris Funk

Lucas Sabalka

Wes Sheets

Mike Ayars

Diane Lally