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NLCV provides the public with objective, factual information about conservation politics in Nebraska.

NLCV collaborates strategically with appointed and elected officials and partner organizations on rules, regulations and environmental legislation...

NLCV supports conservation champions who will protect our environment for future generations.


Join us at the Flatwater in Lincoln's Haymarket for a relaxed evening of food, friends, and conservation! 

World-renowned climate scientist and drought expert Dr. Don Wilhite will speak about the implications of climate change for Nebraska at the Unitarian Church of Lincoln on August 23 at 2pm. Join NLCV in attending this great event. 

Early Bird Tickets to the Nebraska Conservation Summit On Sale Today!  


Iowa Passes Another Tax Credit for Solar, Overwhelming Majority of Young People See a Broken Political System, BP Settles for $18.7bn and Share Prices Rise, Rethinking Water Management in the West, Solar Airplane Lands Makes Record Flight, Scottsbluff Chosen for Community Solar Farm, Range of the Bumblebee is Shrinking

Republicans and Democrats Agree on Need for Campaign Finance Overhaul, Oilman Calls for Action on Climate Change, FEC Chairman Has “Largely Given Up Hope” on Enforcing Campaign Finance Rules, New Mapping Tool Shows Environmental Justice Hot Spots, Grand Island Makes Clean Power Purchase, Climate Change Focus of Papal Encyclical

Reducing Air Pollutants Successfully Reduces Asthma Symptoms, Warren Buffet is Invested in Wind, Fracking Fluid Found in Pennsylvania Drinking Wells, LB 423 Killed for 2015, Clean Energy Under Attack Across the Nation, California Not Reaching Conservation Goals

Headlines: California Imposes Water Restrictions, LB 423 Out of Revenue Committee, Climate Change Grows in Voter Priority, Over a Quarter of the World’s Animals At Risk of Extinction, Pope Francis Says it’s Time for the World to Act on Climate Change, Renewable Energy Growth Outpacing Fossil Fuels, NPPD Makes Major Energy Announcement 

Headlines: Senate Fails to Override Obama’s KXL Veto, New Wind Project Proposed for Nebraska, Hunters and Birdwatchers Highly Committed to Conservation, Clean Energy Transition Benefits Low Income and Fixed-Income Households, Nebraska Farmer Demonstrates “Cleanliness” of Fracking Wastewater



Show that Nebraskans want renewable energy. Investing in renewable energy means investing in Nebraska's economy and in future generations. Sign the petition today! 

The Nebraska Conservation Summit will feature former Governor of Colorado Bill Ritter, who will address the audience on the economic growth implications of clean energy development.  A reception will follow for attendees to network and discuss the presentation. Buy your tickets today! 

NLCV supports leaders who stand up for a clean, healthy future for Nebraska.

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